Business Valuation

In today’s increasingly complex maze of business world decision-making, professional valuations and advice plays a vital role. And valuations lie at the heart of most major corporate transactions-from mergers and acquisitions, investment to financial reporting and litigation. As these transactions become more complex, the need for objective, comprehensive valuations becomes greater.

We offer valuation services to assist our clients for business sale, buying business, strategic planning and exit strategies. We performs valuations of business entities, intellectual property, intangible assets, common stock and other securities along with partnership or shareholder interests

How to do Business Valuation?

We can use a variety of business valuation methods to determine a fair price for your business, such as:

Asset based method: How much was paid, or would be paid, for the assets of the Business. Assets of the business can be computed by book value or liquidation value or market value. Book value is based on the accounting measure of historic value. Liquidation value focuses on a market measure of assets.

Income based method: This method is predicated on the idea that a business's true value lies in its ability to generating income in the future. The income based approaches determine the business value by multiplying the income stream generated by the business with a discount rate or capitalization rate or some time seller discrete multiples.

Market based method: What do others pay for similar business. In this method the value is establish the business value in comparison to business sales involving similar businesses and sometime publicly traded company can be compared.

We can help you to guide you in a business valuation requirement.

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